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Join us at The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy, where you can be part of a legacy built on excellence and genuine care. Dr. Benjamin Burton founded and leads our practice, supported by a profound leadership team, distinguishing our practice through a commitment to cutting-edge care and an inclusive environment. We prioritize career development, fostering a nurturing and collaborative team where your dedication to success truly matters. Discover unparalleled personal and professional growth opportunities that await you at our practice.

Message From our Founder and President Emeritus, Dr. Benjamin Burton

Early in my career, I had the good fortune to train with and be mentored by some of the country’s most accomplished doctors of physical therapy and medicine. At one time, I was one of the most credentialed doctors in my profession in New Jersey, becoming the first quadrupled board-certified physical therapist by the APTA, the NATA, and the NSCA. 

Upon graduation, and after completing a year-long residency in orthopedics, I had the unfortunate experience of working for a large hospital system. During this time, I experienced the deleterious effects of a business mindset applied to healthcare. 

I chose to leave to prioritize patient care and opened my practice, The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy. 

Without marketing or partaking in the underhanded system of procuring referrals by gift-giving, a practice made familiar by the pharmaceutical industry, the practice grew, and I needed to expand. 

Two of our past presidents, Dr. Gary Struble and Alicia Handel, were the first two teammates I hired over 20 years ago. Soon after, we expanded again to hire Dr. Ryan Skripak, Vice-President; Lisa Mild, HR Manager and past President; Dr. Heather LaManno, Vice-President; and Dr. Phil Lombardo, President. 

With our current President, Dr. Michael Klejmont, we have forged ahead to become the largest privately-owned physical therapy clinic owned by a physical therapist in New Jersey. 

The headwinds from insurance company-sponsored legislation, large corporate-owned facilities backed by billion-dollar hedge funds, and the difficult conditions created by the past pandemic have been immense. 

Despite these challenges, we flourished by staying true to our roots, offering unparalleled one-on-one care using a holistic approach blended with the most advanced evidence-based treatments. Patients and other business owners often ask about the incredible longevity of our teammates and our remarkably low turnover. 

How have we achieved such incredible outcomes in the face of so much adversity? 

I attribute it to hiring the very best teammates. Second, we focus on each other’s and our patient’s well-being.

President's Committee

Alicia Handel

President Emeritus

21 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Gary Struble

President Emeritus

21 Years at NJCPT

Lisa Mild

President Emeritus

18 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Michael Klejmont

Current President

13 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Philip N. Lombardo


20 Years at NJCPT

Vice Presidents

Alisa Esser

Lead Vice President

16 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Heather LaManno

Lead Vice President

17 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Jason de la Bruyere

Lead Vice President

15 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Ryan P. Skripak

Lead Vice President

19 Years at NJCPT

Regina Milazzo

Vice President

15 Years at NJCPT

Lead Senior Executives

Kristina Mercer

16 Years at NJCPT

Tracy Golding

14 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Catherine Andrasko

11 Years at NJCPT

Senior Executives

Dr. Adefemi A. Betiku

8 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Bryan A. Barker

10 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Nick DiSomma

7 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Melanie Eskin

7 Years at NJCPT

Caitlin Feis

10 Years at NJCPT

Dr. Christopher Rago

8 Years at NJCPT

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