Medical Safe Zone

The Only Safe Place for Physical Therapy in New Jersey

NJCPT's Medical Safe Zone

We have the only 10-layer multimodal Medical Safe Zone in the United States. We meticulously and profoundly make the patient’s safety our top priority with no exceptions.

Other clinics ONLY use hand sanitizing and useless plastic barriers and surface cleaning. However, the ONLY true way to provide a Medical Safe Zone for patients is a cutting-edge
anti-microbial air filtration system plus anti-microbial and sterilizing UVC lighting. We invest in patients’ safety.

Our anti-microbial air-filtration system and sterilizing UVC lighting units are only two of the critical features of our 10 layer multimodal Medical Safe Zone. Our goal is to ensure patients breathe virus-free air when they are here for their care.

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Safe Zone Highlights

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Triple-Layered Protection

We have triple-layered germicidal hospital and laboratory virus inactivating UVC lights. Three different types of UVC lighting units are used constantly.
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Airborne Safeguard

We use a laboratory-grade premium filtration system. These units are proven effective in destroying infectious microorganisms, viruses, measles, colds, and flu.
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COVID Protection

Our air filtration system filters the entire air volume of the room 8 times per hour. Between this, our UVC Lighting Units, and our Fresh Air Monitors, patients are protected from all airborne diseases.

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Air Filtration & Monitoring

Our anti-microbial air filtration and fresh air monitoring sensors ensure that the air is consistently clean, safe, and breathable.

The highly effective air filtration technology captures and destroys airborne coronaviruses, bacteria, and other microbes upon contact. These filter 99.5% of harmful ultrafine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns in size. This is 100 times smaller than what is achieved with ordinary air filtration technology and 10 times smaller than a virus, including the coronavirus.

Fresh air monitors in each clinic continuously track fresh air levels so inside airflow mirrors fresh outside air. We maintain consistent, superior standards for our air quality so you can rest easy knowing you are receiving the best care possible.

Sanitation & Guidelines

Our Medical Safe Zones are designed to exceed CDC guidelines and expectations to deliver superior care and safety patients won’t find anywhere else. NJCPT’s staff will always go above and beyond for our patients’ treatment and safety.


All of our Board Certified Doctors of Physical Therapy and support personnel are 100% vaccinated.


Upon patient requests, all staff will wear gloves and Advanced Nanofiber Technology Masks.


Upon your request our staff will wear Advanced Nanofiber Technology Masks; the only masks that filter antigens as small as .1 microns (significantly smaller than .3 microns filtered by N95 and KN95), to trap and prevent the smallest virus particles.


Patient sanitization is required upon arrival, and all doctors and staff sanitize before any patient contact.


All of our surfaces, equipment, and air ducts are rigorously and continuously sanitized to guarantee safety and cleanliness.


If you or anyone in your household is sick, please wear a mask. Or, if you prefer to do so, wear one at any time.

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