Our Cutting-Edge Treatment

Our doctors use the highest, scientific-based evidence and the newest advanced technology to provide expert and specific care. These innovative treatment techniques include pulsed electromagnetic frequency treatment (PEMF) and blood flow restriction treatment (BFRT).

PEMF: Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

PEMF is a non-invasive form of treatment using electromagnetic waves to help accelerate healing and reduce pain. Electric and magnetic wave technology improves circulation and cellular function by changing cell membrane permeability and activating healing pathways by increasing IGF-1 growth factors. PEMF has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling, improve bone growth and connective tissue (cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and bones), and help heal soft tissue injuries.

NJCPT exclusively employs Medical-Grade PEMF devices, distinguishing us from many who might use recreational variants. We uniquely incorporate PEMF therapy with other advanced treatments, providing an innovative approach to rehabilitative physical therapy.

BFRT: Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is a transformative approach to accelerate rehabilitation and performance. By utilizing a pneumatic cuff, BFRT restricts venous return and partially limits arterial flow to extremities. This method enhances the accumulation of metabolites during exercise, leading to rapid fatigue of primary muscle fibers and the activation of growth-centric type 2 fibers, even under minimal loads.

While heavy resistance may not be suitable for all, the majority of patients can achieve similar benefits with BFRT. Our skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy assess patient candidacy for this treatment.

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