Medical safe zone

Our Medical Safe Zones

How We Work To Keep You Safe

At New Jersey Centers Of Physical Therapy, nothing is more important than keeping our patients safe. Because of this, we have created a “medical safe zone” to guarantee the safety of everyone who steps into our facilities. A medical safe zone is an environment that provides assurance of protection. With that said, here is a quick guide to explain our safe and effective medical safe zone.

UVC Lights

First off, we use triple-layered germicidal hospital and laboratory virus inactivating UVC lights. We use three different types of UVC lighting units constantly. These units are proven effective in destroying all airborne and infectious microorganisms and viruses. This includes coronavirus particles, bacteria, and other microbes. 

Air Filtration And Monitoring

Next, we have implemented anti-microbial air filtration equipment. This highly effective technology captures and destroys airborne coronaviruses, bacteria, and other microbes upon contact. Moreover, fresh air monitors in each clinic continuously track fresh air levels. This ensures inside airflow mirrors fresh outside air. 

Sanitization, Staff Guidelines, And Surfaces

Our practice exceeds CDC protocols for respiratory illness prevention. All our Board Certified Doctors of Physical Therapy and support personnel are 100% vaccinated. In addition, complimentary PPE is provided to every patient. We require all staff to wear gloves and Advanced Nanofiber Technology Masks. These are the only masks that filter antigens as small as .1 microns. These are significantly smaller than .3 microns filtered by N95 and KN95. Essentially, these high-quality masks prevent the smallest virus particles from entering at the most effective level.

Patient sanitization is required upon arrival. Additionally, all doctors and staff sanitize before any patient contact. We rigorously and continuously sanitize all of our surfaces, equipment, and air ducts. This guarantees safety and cleanliness. 

In conclusion, we have thoroughly designed our medical safe zones to ensure your safety. We use the latest technology, exceed guidelines, and continuously monitor and sanitize our medical centers. Thus, we are able to offer protection at every level. 

You Deserve The Best Care

Cutting-edge, compassionate Board Certified Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to give you the best possible care. We have the ONLY true Medical Safe Zone in New Jersey. When you are here, you are the priority. Are you ready to receive the care you deserve? Contact us today!

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