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Se-CURE-it means No More Fumbles!

Dr. Gary Struble, NJCPT’s expert Doctor of Physical Therapy and Clinic Manager, has developed an innovative line of sports training products that is revolutionizing sports performance training. As a master of all things athletic, and as a former high school and collegiate athlete himself, he is passionate about leading athletes of all ages to success! In his many years of coaching high school football, Gary noticed a recurring struggle for many athletes — simply holding onto the ball, especially during the most critical times of the game.

To advocate the importance of ball security to athletes, and to provide them with a way to master it, Dr. Struble designed the se-CURE-it line of products and This one-of-a-kind performance tool allows secure ball handling to be seamlessly incorporated into traditional training techniques for sports like football, basketball, rugby, and stick/racquet sports.

Many of the nation’s top sports training experts, including Andrews Institute of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Joe Carini’s House of Iron, and Mackie Shilstone, integrate Dr. Struble’s product with their own training techniques to strengthen their athletes’ performance. Renowned sports training programs at Louisiana State University, Penn State University, Texas A&M University, Brigham Young University, Syracuse University, John Hopkins University, and Bucknell University also utilize Gary’s se-CURE-it products in their training programs to optimize their results.

HBO’s Real Sports and Sports Illustrated magazine both feature se-CURE-it and in stories covering one of the NFL’s renowned running backs, Tiki Barber, and his dynamic training regimen.

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