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Functional Movement Screens (FMS)

What’s this?

The Functional Movement System (FMS) was developed by Gray Cook, a renowned physical therapist who, like many of our Doctors, is an APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). The FMS is “a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function,” and it allows our Doctors to fully assess whether there are any underlying limitations or asymmetries in your body’s movements.

You can read more about the FMS here. Our team has used this tool with professional, collegiate, and local sports teams and athletes, to identify all areas of imbalance or weakness, and build a sport- or activity-specific program focused on injury prevention. We have several APTA board certified orthopedic and sports specialists on our team who have extensive education in this area!

Who can benefit from a Functional Movement Screen?

  • Athletes of any level, weekend warriors, and people of any fitness level who would like to become more active
  • People who want to prevent injuries in the future or who are healing from a current injury
  • People who have been told, or can tell, they have an imbalance, weakness, or a gait pattern dysfunction
  • Anyone who is thinking of starting up a new exercise program or sport
  • Coaches and athletic trainers who would like to bring their sports teams in for screening
  • Anyone who has an old injury and never had physical therapy for it — this is a common reason our bodies may overcompensate and create imbalances

What should I expect?

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy combine the FMS screen with their orthopedic and sports knowledge base to design you a treatment program that addresses and corrects any dysfunctions, and is designed to prevent future injury.

What’s the first step?

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