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Kristen Cuccaro

Client Care Manager
Executive Team Member

Kristen Cuccaro 150x150After experiencing firsthand the excellent care that The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy provides, Kristen was elated to become our Client Care Manager! Her warmth and bright smile help each patient feel uniquely cared for and welcomed to the clinic, and her favorite part of her day is getting to know each patient! Kristen’s goal is to do everything she can to make you feel right at home. By efficiently handling your scheduling needs and answering all your insurance questions, her aim is to make each visit seamless so you can focus on feeling better.

Kristen graduated from Susquehanna University with a double major in creative writing and religion. She is a recent graduate of Drew’s Theological School, receiving her Masters in Ethics. Passionate about principles such as kindness to others and care for the environment, Kristen feels at home at NJCPT, whose philosophies and values match her deep commitments. She strives each day to utilize her enthusiasm and creative spirit to help our patients thrive!

When she’s not working, Kristen fills her time with a diverse array of interests, including a recent hobby of collecting nail polishes. As an avid dancer, voracious reader, and aspiring writer, she loves stories in any form. She has more books than she’ll admit to — after running out of space on her bookshelves, she relented and purchased an e-reader! A foodie at heart, she loves cooking, baking, and drinking teas with gourmet honey. She’s always happy to bring her most recent baked triumphs into NJCPT! So whether you have a favorite book, movie, family recipe, or even a new nail color to show off, feel free to stop by Kristen’s desk to share it with her!

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