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Clinical Affiliations

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch

Have you ever sent your students out on an outpatient orthopedic clinical affiliation, only to get the feedback that they were either being overwhelmed with too little guidance, or underutilized with too little patient contact?

Have you ever checked in with your recent DPT graduates, and felt dismayed that in too many workplaces, your highly educated DPTs are still being asked not to call themselves doctors?

We’re not surprised.  We hear these stories every day.  And that’s why we do everything differently.

back-smallOur Clinical Education programs prepare our Doctoral Interns to be more than just technicians who can rattle off exercises and comorbidities on command. With our one-to-one, manual therapy centered patient care model, unparalleled in the industry and founded upon the APTA’s Vision 2020, our Doctoral Interns develop a level of skill in clinical reasoning, creativity, diagnostics, relationship building, plan of care progression, and Direct Access that no other practice in the Northeast can offer. Students spend more time hands-on with patients than they would at any other clinic, due to the fact that we schedule only one patient per hour or one per half-hour per Doctor of Physical Therapy, depending on patient needs. We prepare our future Doctors of Physical Therapy to think, act, and treat like the autonomous and socially aware practitioners our profession needs.

Our clinic has developed numerous one-of-a-kind specialty programs, including Cardiac Physical Therapy, Metabolic Rehabilitation, ACL Injury Prevention, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, and Concussion Management and Rehabilitation. We see patients of all ages and all diagnoses and have an enormous range of highly credentialed specialists on our CI team.

Don’t just take our word for it.  We’ve also been recognized by some of the most esteemed schools on the East Coast:

  • We are the first Outpatient Orthopedic physical therapy facility ever to be honored with Columbia University’s Excellence in Clinical Education Award.
  • The Rutgers School of Health Related Professions (formerly UMDNJ) awarded our founder their Alumni Award for his constant work to implement Vision 2020 in our clinics and to move our profession forward.
  • From its inaugural year, the NYU Orthopedic Residency Program selected our clinic as one of only six to partner with their prestigious program and mentor their clinical residents.


Doctoral Intern Feedback

Click here to read feedback from our past Doctoral Interns!


“My CI figured out my learning style after the first week of clinic. I conversed with my CI daily about my caseload, POC, and treatments. We had a great relationship in which we bounced ideas off each other. He taught me so much over the 14 weeks. He was Board Certified (2) and was very knowledgeable about everything so I learned a great deal besides just PT.”
– Dave

“There was an incredibly efficient open communication system. I actively seek out feedback and my CI has been excellent about quickly providing me with helpful feedback. What I found most beneficial was the purely helpful and educational way in which feedback was provided, free of criticisms.”
– Jon


“Encouraged me to push myself to a professional level. Very supportive and informative. Gave me my freedom to develop as a professional as I earned it. Great teacher, very knowledgeable.”
– Michelle

“This affiliation immensely developed my communication skills and rapport building. Dr. Benedetto and I met on a daily basis at the beginning and end of the day to go over our game plan. He often referred me to textbooks and teaching tools that emphasized the importance of self management and building interpersonal relationships.”
– Jeff


“This is the most professional work environment I have ever been in.”
– Tom

“Since the start, we had open lines of communication. Dr. Lombardo, my CI, and the rest of the clinicians were always willing to share their knowledge with me and answer any questions, thoughts, or concerns I had. Dr. Lombardo made himself available both in and out of clinic hours, and was very gracious with his time.”
– Brandon 

Kyle D'Amico

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