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How do I know if I need physical therapy?

“Do I need physical therapy?” It’s a question we’re often asked by patients who call our office. People who are feeling 100% do not typically ask that question, so let’s start there. What’s happening to make you wonder if you need therapy? Pain is not normal, even if it’s tolerable. Listen to your body—it’s telling you that something is wrong.

The “Daily Life” Test

One way to determine the need is to ask yourself if the issue you’re experiencing is disrupting your normal life. It could be something as simple as walking up the stairs, changing clothes, or stepping out of a car. Is the discomfort you feel getting in the way of these activities? It’s difficult to determine the cause without visiting a clinic, so if any of your answers to the questions above are yes, it’s best to make an appointment with a physical therapist.

If the issue you are experiencing is severe, or the onset was sudden, you should see a physical therapist immediately. New Jersey is a “Direct Access” state so you can call your physical therapy provider and schedule a visit without a referral.

“I’ll just wait to see if it gets better”

Studies have shown that seeking treatment earlier can decrease your recovery time significantly, so if you’re experiencing an issue, it’s best to be proactive. Ultimately, finding the underlying cause of your discomfort is the most important goal.

In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of physical therapy. At The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy, our Client Care Team contacts your insurance provider directly to help you understand your specific plan and benefits, so you know exactly what to expect before even coming in.

During your appointment, over the course of approximately one hour, a Doctor of Physical Therapy will conduct a complete evaluation and discuss the results with you. We’ll develop a treatment plan that will guide the rest of your visits. We’ll also work in close partnership with your medical doctors and other health professionals as needed.

Our ultimate goal at NJCPT is to help you feel your best, and we would be honored to help you! Once you find a Doctor of Physical Therapy that you trust with your care, you’re one step closer to recovery.

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