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July 1, 2015

Thinking about getting a pet? Adopt! We believe in helping those without a voice, and this includes homeless animals. Our adoption program offers patients up to $300 in adoption fees for those adopting from animal shelters or rescue organizations. Ask about it at your next visit!

Melucci Family Pet Adoption Program Resized

August 1, 2014

Gavin was in the middle of a football game when his foot got caught and a player accidentally slammed into him, shattering both bones in his lower leg. He stayed in the hospital for a month, undergoing several surgeries to repair the damage. During all of this, Gavin kept his hopes up, impatient to be able to return to football. Outpatient physical therapy would be the next step.

But his PT journey didn’t start at NJCPT — he began at one of your typical clinics that schedules too many patients per hour and didn’t have time to offer the advanced manual care and Doctoral supervision Gavin needed. And it was the same story we hear so often: he, his parents, and his medical doctor all found his progress limited and disappointing — he just wasn’t getting the range of motion they were hoping for, and still couldn’t walk well after several weeks. Gavin’s mom worried he would never walk normally again, much less return to the high level of athleticism he had once achieved. Fortunately, though, they heard about NJCPT and the unmatched level of highly skilled one-on-one care we give to our patients from their neighbors, who were patients… and everything changed.

Within Gavin’s first week working with Dr. de la Bruyere, his range of motion was back and he was walking almost normally — significantly more progress than he had made during his entire stint at the other clinic. Dr. de la Bruyere and Dr. Sam Chen wanted to keep this athlete active as he prepared for his return to sport, so Gavin joined a swim team and is loving the challenge of training in new ways as he continues to recuperate.

The journey isn’t over yet, but we’re already so proud of Gavin. Even in the face of this challenging experience, he brought his infectious, unwavering positivity to the clinic every single day, joking, smiling, and facing every new challenge with a genuinely positive perspective. We can’t wait to update you on Part 2 of his story when he graduates from PT!

July 2, 2014

Bob - Mike - Website

When Sergeant Bob of the National Guard sustained a complex ankle injury that required surgery, he was taken off full duty and placed on modified due to not being able to complete many of the tasks his position required. As a dedicated Sergeant who had toured Iraq, as well as a loving husband and father of two, Bob came to Dr. Mike Klejmont to get back to his life.

As soon as Bob told his story to Dr. Klejmont, they put 2 solid goals for his treatment in place: first, to get Bob back to full duty, and then to prepare him for the Guard’s physical training test that was fast approaching. They worked together steadily and diligently, and with the laser focus and unyielding determination they both employ in their professional lives, Bob attained his goal of returning to full duty sooner than he ever expected. Next up will be completing his strengthening program for his physical test!

“Working with members of the armed forces is a true honor,” Dr. Klejmont said of his experience working with Bob. “It allows me to give back to those who have sacrificed so much and have allowed us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.”

Fun fact: McFarlane Toy Company used Bob’s likeness to develop a special line of action figures! His was a special series for soldiers in different branches of the military. There is a signed figure at NJCPT — come by to see Bob “in action!”

On behalf of all of us at NJCPT, thank you so much for your service, Bob. It has been an honor being part of your recovery, and we look forward to celebrating more of your future successes!

June 25, 2014

Lenny - Mike - Pet Adoption 
Wagging his tail into our hearts is Lenny! Rescued from a kill shelter by Furry Tail Endings Canine Rescue and set up with a foster family in Georgia while he was fully vetted and temperament tested, this adorable and friendly pup really needed a family of his own. Through our Adopt-A-Pet program, Lenny found his way into Mike and Liana’s hearts and soon found his days filled with long naps in his new bed (in many hilarious positions), long hikes through the woods, and more friends than he could count, humans and dogs alike!

“Lenny has brought so much joy into our lives in only a short time,” Mike writes, “and we are looking forward to making many more memories with him!”

Thinking about getting a pet? Adopt! We believe in helping those without a voice, and this includes homeless animals. Our adoption program offers patients up to $300 in adoption fees for those adopting from animal shelters or rescue organizations. Ask about it at your next visit!

June 21, 2014

Dr. Heather LaManno, our Clinic Manager and Clinical Team Leader of our Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday team, has just earned her Board Certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist! This tremendous distinction places Heather in the top 1% of all providers in the nation, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is also certified by the American Physical Therapy Association in a specialty area.

Here’s what you can tell about Dr. LaManno from her new credential, the OCS:

  • Board Certified Clinical Specialists are very experienced professionals. To even qualify for this credential, Heather first accomplished more than 2,000 hours treating Orthopedic patients.


  • In addition to amassing experience, the exam for this certification is extremely intense and requires months to years of study and preparation. Acing the exam shows that Dr. LaManno knows her subject area inside and out.


  • Orthopedics is an important and wide-ranging specialty area. Dr. LaManno’s certification shows that she is an expert in all musculoskeletal and movement related conditions.


We believe in furthering our education as much as possible, in order to better address all the needs of each patient as an individual. Sending our congratulations to Dr. LaManno — we are proud to have you on our team!

If you have an orthopedic condition you haven’t been able to figure out, come see Dr. LaManno and experience the difference a Board Certified Doctor can make in your life.

May 5, 2014

Travis - GaryIn his junior year of high school, Travis injured his shoulder while wrestling. After surgery put him out for the rest of the season, and with his senior year on the horizon, Travis turned to NJCPT to get him back to sports. With the goal of returning Travis to the field by the time the fall football season arrived, Dr. Gary Struble got right to work. Using the most up-to-date rehabilitation strategies and setting consistent progress goals each session, Dr. Struble and Travis began a very progressive, sport-specific, custom-tailored treatment program. Travis’ drive was unshakable, and with his optimistic attitude, he pushed himself forward with Dr. Struble’s guidance. All their work paid off when Travis achieved his goal of returning to football without restrictions!

Even better, Travis finished his football season as a member of all-conference, all-county, and all-state teams! Now he is also back to wrestling, and has gotten off to an undefeated start. With his sights set on college football, we have no doubt that his drive will carry him to success after success!

March 10, 2014

Our patient Nancy is a warrior.  In the past two years, she has beaten breast cancer and has recovered from two knee surgeries!  As she recuperated from both concerns with Dr. Heather LaManno, Nancy shared that she had a goal dear to her heart: to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October.

With their sights set on this achievement, Heather not only rehabilitated Nancy’s knee, but also helped her recover from the lingering symptoms from her cancer treatment through the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program.  This October, Nancy was well enough to start the Avon Walk, and successfully finished the full 23 miles! Next year, her new goal is to do it again — this time without her cane.

Congratulations, Nancy! Your strength is an inspiration to us all!

Curious about the Breast Cancer Program? Give NJCPT a call and schedule an appointment today!

August 26, 2013

Dr. Gary Struble, NJCPT’s expert Doctor of Physical Therapy and Clinic Manager, has developed an innovative line of sports training products that is revolutionizing sports performance training. As a master of all things athletic, and as a former high school and collegiate athlete himself, he is passionate about leading athletes of all ages to success! In his many years of coaching high school football, Gary noticed a recurring struggle for many athletes — simply holding onto the ball, especially during the most critical times of the game.

To advocate the importance of ball security to athletes, and to provide them with a way to master it, Dr. Struble designed the se-CURE-it line of products and This one-of-a-kind performance tool allows secure ball handling to be seamlessly incorporated into traditional training techniques for sports like football, basketball, rugby, and stick/racquet sports.

Many of the nation’s top sports training experts, including Andrews Institute of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Joe Carini’s House of Iron, and Mackie Shilstone, integrate Dr. Struble’s product with their own training techniques to strengthen their athletes’ performance. Renowned sports training programs at Louisiana State University, Penn State University, Texas A&M University, Brigham Young University, Syracuse University, John Hopkins University, and Bucknell University also utilize Gary’s se-CURE-it products in their training programs to optimize their results.

HBO’s Real Sports and Sports Illustrated magazine both feature se-CURE-it and in stories covering one of the NFL’s renowned running backs, Tiki Barber, and his dynamic training regimen.

Check out all the excitement here!

If you’re an athlete who wants to train like Tiki Barber, call us at 973-248-8111 to make an appointment today.

August 9, 2013

When you think of your genetic structure, you probably think of something unchangeable that you’re simply born with.  Right?

Maybe not!  Recent studies prove that you can actually control the way your genes behave, simply by exercising. After only one session of exercise, your body immediately begins to drastically lower your risk for developing diabetes, cardiac disease, and metabolic syndrome, along with the many other health issues that can arise from inactivity.  If these health concerns already affect you, exercising can also improve your current quality of life and prevent common complications from ever occurring.

The New York Times recently published a fascinating article about this phenomenon, and we’d encourage you to check it out here. Now, everyone knows exercise is good for you, but it can be hard to know where to start.  Everyone’s body is different, and each person has their own set of goals and needs. That’s where we come in.

The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy is here to optimize a healthy lifestyle for every individual, offering a range of specialty programs to accommodate all of our patients’ needs, with a focus on getting them to where they want to be — happy, healthy, and strong!  Yes, we treat all injuries and provide relief from discomfort — but we’re so much more than that, too. Here’s just a taste of what we can do for you:

      • Our Functional Movement Screenings identify and improve all areas of imbalance or weakness, which has been proven to prevent injury in those who are very active. Learn how our offices prevent ACL injuries in athletes.
      • Cardiac Physical Therapy is your next step after cardiac rehab. We pick up where cardiac rehab leaves off, to fully and safely get you back to all your favorite activities after a cardiac event. 
      • Our Metabolic Rehabilitation Program focuses on lowering glucose levels in our patients with diabetes, allowing them to live freely. Find out how we helped Carl lose 72 Pounds and 99 glucose points!
      • With Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, we can address all the side effects of treatment, including shoulder issues, lymphedema, neuropathy, and other complications. Best of all, we can reduce your fatigue and overall discomfort, helping you enjoy your life more fully.

Unlike other physical therapy offices, who tend to overschedule their patients, we offer each of our patients a full hour of skilled one-on-one care, provided by the most highly credentialed Doctors of Physical Therapy in the state.  And to make things easier for you, New Jersey is a Direct Access state, which means you can come straight to us for physical therapy anytime, without needing to stop for a prescription or referral first.

Call us today at 973-248-8111, to speak with our friendly Client Services Coordinators about what you’d like to get out of your physical therapy!  We will be happy to create a personalized plan just for you.



June 28, 2013

In Matthew’s many years of sports and training, he sustained not one, not two, but three concussions and was diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome. His consistent headaches were so unbearable that he was unable to attend school, participate in sports, and even lost sight of his normal teenage life. When it came down to the activities he loved most, Matthew felt in the dark and did not know if he would ever get his life back, but after starting our comprehensive Concussion Management and Rehabilitation Program, he realized there was light at the end of the tunnel.

One of our expert Doctors of Physical Therapy started Matthew’s journey with a comprehensive concussion analysis, identifying all of Matthew’s areas of needed improvement. Our signature hour of one-on-one care, paired with an exercise program specifically designed for Matthew, led to great success. We created this highly specialized program to focus on strengthening the function of his brain, which, in turn, remedied all of his concussion concerns and reduced the risk of future concussions! He is no longer experiencing visual disturbances, his endurance, agility, and memory are all significantly improved, and he has returned to his normal teenage life activities — he was even able to make it to prom this year!

Great job, Matthew! We are so happy to see you enjoy yourself again!

If you’ve experienced a concussion and don’t know where to start, give us a call at 973-917-3134 and we’ll lead the way!

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