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Carl Drops 72 Pounds and 99 Glucose Points in Under 5 Months with Metabolic Rehabilitation!

Carl is a 35-year-old husband, father, and entrepreneur who was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  Being faced with Type 2 Diabetes at his young age was understandably quite a surprise and, as he puts it, “a wake-up call.”  Knowing the toll that this disease can take on the body, he realized he had two choices: either change his lifestyle or be tied to medication and possibly insulin injections for the rest of his life.

For Carl, the choice was clear — he decided to take his condition into his own hands, and signed up for our physical therapy program for people with diabetes, known as Metabolic Rehabilitation.  The results were astounding, as Carl himself notes:

”My blood glucose level before metabolic rehab was 186 fasting, with an A1C of 9.7 (very diabetic range).  After physical therapy, and with continued diet, the home exercises you prescribed, and some running, my fasting glucose is now 87 with an A1C of 5.3 (very NON-diabetic)!!  When I started dieting, before therapy, I was approximately 257 lbs.  I now weigh between 185-190 lbs, where I currently maintain.

Also, my cholesterol, lipids, and triglycerides were all off the map for years; now I am in the middle norm of those scales!!  Oh, and another thing, since we started this program and I started dieting healthfully, my carpal tunnel issues have virtually disappeared!!  Thank you all for really making this ideal vision of great health a reality for me!! I am eternally grateful!” 

Carl is now no longer considered diabetic, and everyone who knows him has been floored and inspired by the incredible difference in the way he looks and feels!  By continuing the same level of work and dedication he has shown throughout his recovery thus far, he will be able to live a long and happy, diabetes-free life with his wife and daughter!

You, too, can achieve amazing results of your own by enrolling in our Metabolic Rehabilitation program!  Whether you have diabetes, are considered “pre-diabetic,” or simply are at risk for developing diabetes in the future, call us today at 973-248-8111 to take action and start down your personal road to recovery!

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