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August 1, 2014

Gavin was in the middle of a football game when his foot got caught and a player accidentally slammed into him, shattering both bones in his lower leg. He stayed in the hospital for a month, undergoing several surgeries to repair the damage. During all of this, Gavin kept his hopes up, impatient to be able to return to football. Outpatient physical therapy would be the next step.

But his PT journey didn’t start at NJCPT — he began at one of your typical clinics that schedules too many patients per hour and didn’t have time to offer the advanced manual care and Doctoral supervision Gavin needed. And it was the same story we hear so often: he, his parents, and his medical doctor all found his progress limited and disappointing — he just wasn’t getting the range of motion they were hoping for, and still couldn’t walk well after several weeks. Gavin’s mom worried he would never walk normally again, much less return to the high level of athleticism he had once achieved. Fortunately, though, they heard about NJCPT and the unmatched level of highly skilled one-on-one care we give to our patients from their neighbors, who were patients… and everything changed.

Within Gavin’s first week working with Dr. de la Bruyere, his range of motion was back and he was walking almost normally — significantly more progress than he had made during his entire stint at the other clinic. Dr. de la Bruyere and Dr. Sam Chen wanted to keep this athlete active as he prepared for his return to sport, so Gavin joined a swim team and is loving the challenge of training in new ways as he continues to recuperate.

The journey isn’t over yet, but we’re already so proud of Gavin. Even in the face of this challenging experience, he brought his infectious, unwavering positivity to the clinic every single day, joking, smiling, and facing every new challenge with a genuinely positive perspective. We can’t wait to update you on Part 2 of his story when he graduates from PT!

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