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July 2, 2014

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When Sergeant Bob of the National Guard sustained a complex ankle injury that required surgery, he was taken off full duty and placed on modified due to not being able to complete many of the tasks his position required. As a dedicated Sergeant who had toured Iraq, as well as a loving husband and father of two, Bob came to Dr. Mike Klejmont to get back to his life.

As soon as Bob told his story to Dr. Klejmont, they put 2 solid goals for his treatment in place: first, to get Bob back to full duty, and then to prepare him for the Guard’s physical training test that was fast approaching. They worked together steadily and diligently, and with the laser focus and unyielding determination they both employ in their professional lives, Bob attained his goal of returning to full duty sooner than he ever expected. Next up will be completing his strengthening program for his physical test!

“Working with members of the armed forces is a true honor,” Dr. Klejmont said of his experience working with Bob. “It allows me to give back to those who have sacrificed so much and have allowed us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.”

Fun fact: McFarlane Toy Company used Bob’s likeness to develop a special line of action figures! His was a special series for soldiers in different branches of the military. There is a signed figure at NJCPT — come by to see Bob “in action!”

On behalf of all of us at NJCPT, thank you so much for your service, Bob. It has been an honor being part of your recovery, and we look forward to celebrating more of your future successes!

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