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June 28, 2013

In Matthew’s many years of sports and training, he sustained not one, not two, but three concussions and was diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome. His consistent headaches were so unbearable that he was unable to attend school, participate in sports, and even lost sight of his normal teenage life. When it came down to the activities he loved most, Matthew felt in the dark and did not know if he would ever get his life back, but after starting our comprehensive Concussion Management and Rehabilitation Program, he realized there was light at the end of the tunnel.

One of our expert Doctors of Physical Therapy started Matthew’s journey with a comprehensive concussion analysis, identifying all of Matthew’s areas of needed improvement. Our signature hour of one-on-one care, paired with an exercise program specifically designed for Matthew, led to great success. We created this highly specialized program to focus on strengthening the function of his brain, which, in turn, remedied all of his concussion concerns and reduced the risk of future concussions! He is no longer experiencing visual disturbances, his endurance, agility, and memory are all significantly improved, and he has returned to his normal teenage life activities — he was even able to make it to prom this year!

Great job, Matthew! We are so happy to see you enjoy yourself again!

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