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September 8, 2011

When Susan first found out she had diabetes, she was afraid that her only option was to be on medication for the rest of her life. But then she found another option: The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy!

NJCPT’s Metabolic Rehabilitation program is for anyone who has diabetes or pre-diabetes. We help patients, just like Susan, manage their diabetes without medication. In some cases, we can even help patients remove the need for diabetes medication entirely! With a scientifically proven combination of exercises specifically customized to your body and its needs, our doctors of physical therapy can lower patients’ glucose levels and prevent or improve any complications.

The choice seemed a simple one for Susan. She took an active role in her physical therapy with our Doctors at her side. And within only four weeks, Susan’s glucose levels had dropped an amazing 40 points! That is comparable to the effects of glucose medication in most patients, and Susan accomplished it the all-natural way. Following our Doctors’ guidance on diet and lifestyle, she made her specialized exercise program a part of her daily life and continues to achieve amazing results.

Susan’s story seems incredible, but she’s living proof that physical therapy can help you achieve great success in diabetes management! You, too, can lower your glucose levels, lower your risk for diabetes-related complications, and achieve a new lease on life! Results may vary from person to person, but we’ll work our hardest to help you achieve your personal goals. Call us at 973-248-8111 to get started today!

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