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December 12, 2010

The year 2010 marks a record-breaking year for our Adopt-A-Pet Program, with eight wonderful patients welcoming needy shelter animals into their lives and families.  As you may already know, we will contribute a sizable amount towards pet adoption fees for any past or current patients who would like to adopt their new pet from an animal shelter or rescue site.

We’d love to share the joy that our generous patients have shared with us. Here are two more Adopt-A-Pet success stories!

First, Christine and Chris fell in love with a little puppy named Zoe:


We came across a cute little puppy on that had been abandoned with her three sisters.  After looking at her picture all week, we decided to “go see” her in person at a local adoption day.  Needless to say, Zoe came home with us that afternoon.  She is a 10-week-old Labrador / Shar Pei mix who never stops wagging her tail! Thank you so much for having an Adopt-A-Pet program.

–Christine and Chris


Another patient, Jackie, found a friend when she needed it most:

from              Jackie


date              Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 7:21 AM

subject         Buddy’s Adoption



This is my dog, Buddy.  I want to thank New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy for helping with getting Buddy. I rescued him from a killer shelter in Virginia in July when he was 3 months old, he is now 8 months. He was brought up here to a foster home who took very good care of him and his 4 brothers, they named them after the Cartwright brothers! Buddy is a mix of shepherd and who knows, maybe lab or setter. Buddy is one of the smartest dogs I have had, and sooo loving. He filled a hole in my heart I had from losing my dog Vito. I am proud to be his “mom”.

Again, thanks does not even begin to say how much it meant to me for all your help.




If you are looking for a new pet, especially during the holiday season, please consider taking advantage of our Adopt-A-Pet program and making the holidays brighter for a shelter animal who really needs you.  Call our office at 973-248-8111 for more details on how to get started!

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