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March 30, 2010

In keeping with our goal of staying on the cutting edge of the newest techniques, we are now the first Pectus Treatment & Rehabilitation physical therapy facility in the country!

The terms Pectus Carinatum and Pectus Excavatum describe deformities of the chest wall or “Pectus”.  Pectus Excavatum is more commonly known as “sunken chest,” and Pectus Carinatum is referred to as “protruding” or “pigeon chest.”  These conditions are little-known by most in the medical field – in fact, for years, surgery was thought to be the only option to correct a Pectus defect.  But then we found Pectus Services, a company based solely on bracing and helping children and teens with these defects.  

The Pectus Services treatment philosophy states that improvement of a Pectus deformity involves more than just a brace.  It includes several components: a thorough exam and diagnosis by a thoracic surgeon, and then a comprehensive improvement program of exercise and bracing is developed using their world-renowned Bracing System. Pectus Services provides one-on-one care for each child and great customer service from the very first phone call.  Similarly, we at NJCPT believe that in order to be effective healthcare providers, we need to focus on the whole patient and their entire experience, not just a specific body part or exercise.

Over the past few months, our providers have been training regarding Pectus and its effects on the body.  We share this company’s passion for helping kids with Pectus attain outstanding results, as well as gain confidence and strength.  We look forward to meeting more Pectus patients and helping them on their journey to better Pectus health!

If you are interested in continuing your Pectus Improvement Program with us, including pre-surgery therapy before a Nuss procedure, or before bracing for Pectus Carinatum patients, please call us to set up an appointment at 973-248-8111!

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